Help Your Child Study Better

If you improve your study habit, you would realize that you will be able to learn more in less time. A good study habit doesn’t mean that you’ve got to go through every page and tackle every topic, with a view to grasp everything. Improving your study habit depends on how much effort you put into it not only because you’re forced to, but likewise because you really want to.

To make the best use of your study time, do not study with earphones, music or television on. Learning to study in the quiet is an art of its own. Some authors go to a cabin or in place in the attic to be alone. Learn to cherish the quiet. Listen to it. That is how you’ll hear the words that come to you.

Studying can become tedious to most students. Thinking about it, there appear to be better and more exciting things to do outside than staying in a room reviewing books. You can easily get tempted to play games on your pc instead of studying.

Crazy Things About Improving Study Habits

The key to improve your study habit is having the ability to set aside the temptation to do other things and set your mind into reading, understanding and learning. Here are some great tips that can assist you establish a good study habit more easily. In case you’re looking at this topic, surf over to; grade two spelling help at home .

A good way to absorb ideas more effectively as you attempt to improve your study habit is by attempting to break them down into smaller portions. If you have to tackle a difficult topic for a particular subject for the day, dividing them into smaller chunks, and then spending a session just focusing on each one, can help you grasp difficult ideas more quickly. You may look at some study topics and be overwhelmed by what you’ve got to go over. Understanding them in small bits will allow you to take the whole idea a chunk at a time.

how can i improve my study habits?
any ideas.

  • I don't know what level education you're at right now or even if you are addressing this question about school. I'm assuming you are still in school and the following should help study habits for students: Motivate. If you don't have motivation for a specific subject, that's the first thing you have to work on. I don't have any real solutions to that. Just know that education = $$$ in the future i guess (not always true, but it's easier to motivate yourself thinking that way. Well higher education = more $$$ most of the time) Eliminate negative influences around the study area. Sometimes studying with a friend isn't the best way to go, sometimes it is. Just know that with another person, it's real easy to get sidetracked. Don't multitask, TV or music while studying does not work. 30 minutes of solitude seems boring, and it is, but really putting your mind to it without being distracted allows you to learn a lot. Work on concentration. I'm not qualified to talk on this one either, but i'm pretty sure that passive activities can help concentration, which you NEED for effective studying. I'm referring mainly to reading. Reading lots of content in one sitting should improve attention span, it's just that staying put the whole time and focused is the hard part. Meditation can also help concentration (at least it helps me). Basically, relax for a couple minutes a day and think of nothing at all. If you can get to thinking about nothing, you can probably concentrate pretty well. Other than that, I really don't know. I find that study habits are closely correlated with work ethic (no duh!). If you find yourself laboring at being good at anything in life, apply the same ethic you do to making yourself better at whatever you do to school, which goes back to the whole motivation idea. I've got a whole other page if you need tips on working efficiently.

  • Leave study books around the house areas you are comonly in. It's a lot easier to study when you know you dont have to go out to your car, get your bookbag, take out your books, and go online to lookup the homework.

  • ok here it goes(its nothing big, just givin an advice) write down all the questions on things that you didn't know2 days before a test or quiz or u can do the same thing, but at the end of the week you can ask the questons. and what you do is write the questions on one side of the paper and the answers on the other Make a goal: study at least for 10min of studying each day do that for a week and add another 5 min. on the day before the test study the stuff u havent studied and write down all the stuff that u don't know: write 2x and in the end write down all the stuff on one paper. Make sure to do hw first if u need anythin:

  • Help Your Child Study Better, Improving Study Habits

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    Starting A Food Cart Business

    If you are looking for an easy business to start up, a food cart is always the first and best option.  It demands low budget for capital but it has potential to earn Starting A Food Cart Business, food business business start upfast income. You can either create your own cart to start it off or you can you can simply buy a franchise. When starting your own food cart business, it would require much effort but it’s cheaper in the long run. Franchising is undoubtedly much easier. You don’t need to make your own cart, find your own supplier, and start from scratch, but franchising needs a bigger capital than starting your own business.  But in starting this type of business, you just don’t go and make your own cart. Like any business venture, there are a lot of things to consider.

    Food Cart Theme

    First, and the most important, think about what kind of products will be sold in your food cart business. The concept is a vital part. It should be consistent. If you want a Mexican-themed food, it should be obvious from the cart, not just with the food. It would be best to go for food concepts that you are more familiar with.

    Legal and Admin Requirements

    You also need to secure all permits needed to start the business. Ideally, no matter how small or new, the business should be registered, complete with permits. This would save you some time rather than registering it while the business is already starting. If you are planning to get a franchise, make sure that it is legitimate. It is advisable to do a background check first and talk to some who already has a franchise before getting your own. This way, you can avoid being scammed.

    Self-Financing vs. Business Loans

    Apparently, if you’ll start a business, you need some capital, and the same proves true with a food cart business. While it is tempting to go for business loans, it would still be better if you will use your own money. Besides, food cart business basically have a smaller capital compared to other forms of businesses. Moreover, this is for your own safety, so if the business fails, you won’t have to deal with lenders and creditors that will go after you.

    Branding Consistency

    Consistency is the keyword for a business. Focus on the quality of the products sold. Because you may have a decent concept but if the food is not that good, costumers won’t come back. Design your stall in a unique way that will stand out against other competitors, this will help to attract the costumers. First impressions would help you get costumers. Maintaining a good reputation is also essential in sustaining a brand. This can be achieved by simply paying your rent and suppliers on time, giving incentives to employees, and offering excellent customer service.

    Strategic Location

    Starting A Food Cart Business, food business business start upAnother consideration is to find the perfect location for your business. It’s always advisable to place the food cart in a crowded area, so that your stall would be visible to every passersby. However, make sure that these people suit the target market that you are aiming for. Considering offering free taste during the first few months of the business, as this will help spread the word about your quality food.

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    Planning Mortgage Before It Overwhelms You

    Monthly financial responsibilities can be innately overwhelming in all aspects, especially if it includes bloated interest rates. Among the monthly bills that most American families and professional are most concerned about are their house mortgages. Apparently, most if not all mortgage fees are way more expensive than other bills which means that it takes a huge chunk of the budget.

    With this it is very important to have a plausible payment scheme that does not hurt the pockets severely, but also does not result to compounding mortgage fees.

    How do I make it easier to pay mortgage?

    Planning Mortgage Before It Overwhelms You , pay mortgage on time mortgage payment house payment financial planningThe first time you talk to a mortgage professional, you will be given two payment options. First is the maximum payment that you can afford based on your current monthly income, but you will also be given another computation that is relatively lower than your maximum. While it can be tempting to go for the maximum rate to finish your payment sooner, it is aslo important to consider the flexibility of your monthly budget. Try to initially settle for a lower amount than your maximum to avoid straining your overall monthly expenses.

    But what about the interest rates?

    Sure, the longer you drag a house payment, the bigger interests you have to pay. This is the point where you commit to make your mortgages a priority. This means that even if you committed to a lower payment scheme, you also need to find opportunity to add to these regular payment by putting in some of the extra income to the mortgage fees. This is called accelerating payments, which could cut down almost 5 years of your payment years if done religiously. By doing this, you will be surprised with how much extra payments can easily cut down your payment duration and interest rates.

    It also important to evaluate the interest rates first, before committing to a new house or payment scheme. Current decisions on interests caan already have huge impact for your financial future. Even the mere difference between a 5% and 2% rate already translates to hundres of dollars, so that is how significant your interest computations can be.

    Planning Mortgage Before It Overwhelms You , pay mortgage on time mortgage payment house payment financial planning For first time investors and homeowners, paying mortgage on time can be quite a challenge. Admittedly, it is a huge addition to the monthly expenses. No matter how challenging, paying mortgage on time is one of the best financial practices that you can make, because one simple delay in payment can already mean huge financial liability for you. As they say, you do not simply mess with mortgages.

    When things get overwhelming, seek professional help. Talk to your mortgage agent and try to negotiate things. Oftentimes, people overlook the impact of talking to the right people, instead of encuring debts for financial liabilities. If there is one thing that your mortgage professionals were trained to do, it is to help you their clients every step of the way. So you can be asusred of realistic solutions to your payment setbacks, and may even avoid increased interest rate along the way.

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    Epic Failures in the Tech Industry

    Epic Failures in the Tech Industry , technology tech failures nasa Microsoft mars innovation evolution aviation

    Technology plays such a huge part of in our lives. As a matter of fact, nowadays many of our daily activities can hardly be Epic Failures in the Tech Industry , technology tech failures nasa Microsoft mars innovation evolution aviationaccomplished without the aid of technology. Mankind, evolution and innovation have now blended together.

    However, the road to technological advancement has not always been a smooth one. We hear about incidences of hacking, system failures, and software incompatibilities. While the problem may occur in one or two small components of the technology, its impact on humans can be devastating, as histories can prove.

    Even the most sophisticated devices of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were not spared from these technological failures. Remember when NASA launched two space crafts that would signal their long-term Mars exploration. However, this exploration is also remembered for the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter. This spacecraft was originally created to study the weather in Mars. After a series of investigations it was found out that the cause of the spacecraft failure was the inconsistency of the metric system used to build and program the spacecraft.

    Epic Failures in the Tech Industry , technology tech failures nasa Microsoft mars innovation evolution aviationOur aviation system is also highly dependent on technology. Yet, anyone who was at the Los Angeles International Airport back in 2007 will surely not forget the horrible delays they experienced when more than 15,000 planes in the airport were grounded. This was later on traced to a software problem of a low-quality equipment, that kept on sending inaccurate data on the airport’s network.

    There were also technology products that were easily ruined by technological glitches before they can even make it big in the market. Take for instance Microsoft’s Zune, which was intended to be the bravest rival of Apple’s iPod. Unfortunately, due to persistent software problems of the Mp3 player, Microsoft eventually watched Zune fade into the market. Of course, we all know that this isn’t the first and only technological failure that Microsoft will be known for. When Window’s Vista was released to replace the classic Windows XP, the reception of users was just not cold, it turned sour. Next thing the tech community knew, people were already clamoring for the old OS. Windows Vista turned out to be one of the most short-lived Microsoft OS.

    Apparently, most if not all of the technological failures are man-made. As the innovations are becoming more sophisticated, it is essential for mankind to also upgrade, in order to cope with these changes. Given the trends we have now, it’s clear that our technology experts are coping really well.

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    These Little Things Can Save You BIG Dollars!

    These Little Things Can Save You BIG Dollars!, tricks to save money stick to a budget save money penny saver budgeting

    These Little Things Can Save You BIG Dollars!, tricks to save money stick to a budget save money penny saver budgeting Even if you’re not strapped for cash, on a tight budget or don’t have enough as it is… it always makes sense to be smart with your money. These tips can have you saving big dollars fast. I cut back on the crap I was buying and made smarter purchase decisions and over a 3 month period, I saved over $1000. Here are my tips for you:

    • Food Is Expensive. Buy Bulk with a Friend. I guarantee you have a friend who eats similar things to you. Make a date out of it… go to your nearest wholesale grocer and buy bulk between the two of you. Seems like you’re spending a lot more upfront, but trust me… you’re saving money in the longterm. Just make sure you don’t buy an abundance of perishable items if you can’t eat them… then that’s just a waste.
    • Create your own art. Decorating your place? Updating a few things even? Create your own art.. take your favorite picture, habit or memory and frame it, print it on a pillow… look at Pinterest for inspiration. You don’t need to spend $100 on that picture of the Eiffel Tower.
    • Stop Buying into Marketing! Paying $3 for flavored water is ridiculous. Use your free water at home, buy a few lemons/limes/whatever… and put the two together. Your cost of flavored water has now moved close to $0. This is just one example of marketing trickier. Don’t fall for it!
    • Buy Inexpensive Wine Note I didn’t say buy ‘cheap’ wine. The quality of wine has nothing to do with the price. Look for wine that is produced and bottled in the same place. Chances are that it’s a good pick. You can also keep up with blogs and wine connoisseurs.
    • Organize a clothes swap with friends. How many pieces of clothing do you have in your closet that you never wear anymore? I guarantee your friends are in the same position. Organize a clothing swap. Why not!

    These are just a few tips… there’s many more things you can do to save money if you really want to. 2 for 1 dinners out, waiting until the sale day… racking up rewards points at the shop you go to all the time.. the list is endless. Happy Money-Saving!

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    The iPod Story: How The Apple Media Player Became Widely Popular

    The iPod Story: How The Apple Media Player Became Widely Popular, Apple has completely changed the way we use technology, and it all started with one simple device. Offering a unique combination of music and photos as well as videos and games, the iPod revolutionised mp3 players and changed the way people listened to music.

    The device became one of the most sought-after gadgets on the market, and consumers are still buying new versions and iterations of the mp3 player to this day.

    From Humble Beginnings

    The iPod was not an instant success. When the device was first released in 2001, sales were slow but steady. The first generation model was only compatible with Mac computers, and the device failed to make a big impact on consumers. However, Apple recognised that no brand had really managed to capitalise on the growing mp3 market.

    Concerns about piracy and digital media impacted the technology, and it was difficult for users to play mp3s on external devices. Many early mp3 players had DRM copyright restrictions, and they only allowed the limited transfer of files in an effort to curb piracy. Undeterred, Apple continued to innovate its media player technology and finally enjoyed huge success with the fourth generation model.

    The Fourth Generation Success

    Released in 2004, the fourth generation model was unlike any other mp3 player. Apple considerably slimmed down the size of the device while simultaneously managing to boost its storage capabilities to a whopping 40GB, and the all-touch interface was the simplest way to manage and play music.

    The new fourth generation models were also compatible with Windows and could be connected via USB instead of Firewire, and Apple’s new iTunes software made it even easier to transfer files. A fourth generation colour model which was capable of viewing and storing photographs was released in the same year, and Apple emerged as the leading innovator in the mp3 technology market.

    Nanos, Shuffles and Beyond

    Growing sales of the device considerably strengthened Apple’s position as a technology giant, and the company quickly turned its attention to broadening its range of mp3 players. The ‘Mini’ was a slimmed down version of the device which came in several different colours and designs. Although it had limited storage capability, the Mini was a huge success and was ideal for users who didn’t want to back up their entire mp3 library.

    The release of the ‘Nano’ replaced the Mini, and the new model supported video playback and later generations featured a built-in speaker, FM radio and even a pedometer. Apple also offered a barebones version of the mp3 player with the release of the ‘Shuffle’, and the scaled-down device lacked a screen but had a much cheaper price tag. Apple continues to diversify and improve its media player brand, and the iPod is still one of the most popular mp3 players available.

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    The Goliaths

    The Goliaths,

    While StatCounter reports that Apple still has its lead in terms of most browsed mobile, Samsung is the predecessor when it comes to the physical market. Apple takes away 48% of all browsing while Samsung only manages to steal 21.5%. Samsung has effortlessly managed to defeat Apple in the strongest markets globally including Western Europe and South America.

    What Samsung is doing to maintain its sales record is coming up with magical devices likes S4 and what Apple is doing is coming up with cheaper versions of i4 and i5! Well, this cheaper tactic of Apple is effective in consumer markets like China. Analysts believe this downfall to be momentary and transitory for Apple, they have utter faith in this brand to launch something very soon that can easily whitewash all those victories of Samsung. What exactly id toppling Apple’s average sales are those antique 4 and 4S still circulating in the market. Apple desperately needs to clear those away and come up with something even more innovative.

    While the two top-notch vendors battle for the throne, the rest are fulfilling their hunger of cash through the market shares of both the competitors. That is why in the last quarter of 2012 Lenovo, ZTE, LG and other vendors raised up their market shares to a new height. A battle benefiting the bystanders, it is!

    Undoubtedly Apple is not an noncompetitive brand to just sit back and whine over the rival’s victory. Surely Apple is strategizing its next step. We impatiently await latest sales records of both the Goliaths to witness the most profitable cell phone vendor of 2013.

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    Smartphone’s smartness.

    A smartphone is a phone that has all the smart features in it, if you have that type of phone then you have a smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones are very common. We can see every other person using a smartphone. Some people also calls it a portable computer that you can carry to any place in your pocket, it just not only allows you to make and receive calls, but it has many other features also.

    Every smartphone includes many different features. However, a person should always choose a smartphone according to his needs. The needs of everyone varies. But it is important for every smartphone to have some important features in it, that you should consider before buying your new smartphone.

    A smartphone must have an updated version of operation system. These days Android is on the top of the list and the most popular operating system. If your phone does not have an updated version of android, then you can not benefit from all the smart features, as an updated operating system plays the most important role, and all the apps greatly depends on it. However, your smartphone must have an updated version of operating system so that you can surf the web fast, and also download faster.

    However, a smartphone should have a quick assces to web. For that it must have a Wi-Fi
    support or 3G or 4G networks support. However, a smartphone should all you to access all types of apps as they are designed to make your life easier.

    Internal memory plays an important role in any phone. A smartphone must have enough Internal memory which helps you store movies, songs, apps, pictures and other important documents. The Internal memory should be at least 4GB to 8GB. Howerver, a fast processes is also a need of a smartphone. A processor with at least 1GHZ frequency. A smartphone should also have a long battery life as for a faster processor a long lasting battery is required. A battery should at least runs for 24 hours.

    Touch screen phones are In a trend these days. A scratch proof and unbreakable sceen is very important for a smartphone to have. A scratch proof screen helps maintain the touch sensitivity of a phone. So, its important to make sure that your smartphone must have a strong and scratch proof screen.

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    Business Continuity Planning Lessons from Apple & Microsoft

    With the increasing number of threats that face businesses today, smart business owners understand the need for and implement a Business Continuity Plan which will limit the damage, loss or interference with key business functions. The plan should cover:

    • Man-made disasters
    • Natural disasters
    • Emergencies such as IT infrastructure failure
    • Economic Crisis ‚Äì stock market crash
    • Civil unrest or military action

    Business Continuity Planning Lessons from Apple & Microsoft,

    Two IT industry leaders, Apple and Microsoft, report risk and threat factors to the SEC on their quarterly 10-Q filings. Thus, gone are the days of business owners only monitoring operations during the normal business day; the 9 to 5 operating day is long gone when it comes to assessing threats. And the idea that planning ahead for your own retirement means arranging your successor and tidying up you funeral plans are long gone.

    The stability or instability in key global economies has a direct impact on the success or financial setbacks of both companies. Instability in global economies causes consumers to become reluctant to spend their disposable income of software and hardware products.

    Apple and Microsoft outsource many key operations to third-parties. A good example is Apple. Apple is dependent on outsourced suppliers, in Asia, for: product components, manufacturing, final product assembly, logistics and transit services. Apple created a hands-off approach to product production and ultimately product availability through its distribution channels.

    There are problems with this business practice. Considering the instability around the world, dependence on third-parties to secure goods and services needed to manufacture and distribute a product is risky due to:

    • Geo-Political climate
    • Labour laws
    • Environmental issues
    • Public health concerns
    • Military actions
    • Weather conditions
    • Natural disasters

    Interestingly, Apple and Microsoft have operations in Silicon Valley, which runs along a major fault line; thus, increasing the eventuality of a major earthquake. Microsoft is challenged by weather that affects heating and cooling of critical infrastructure components and the threat of cyber-attacks are always present.

    Apple and Microsoft both employee teams of risk analysts. This is a vital function in the course of normal business,in order to ensure that the company is prepared to respond in the event of a real disaster. Employees are trained and practice procedures to implement each company’s respective Business Continuity Plan.

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    cellphone a need or just a style statement?

    cellphone a need or just a style statement?, style statement mobile gagdet cellphone


    Cell phones are a growing fad not only among youngsters or teenagers but also children who go to schools. After owning gaming stations and music systems, tech-savvy children now demand for their very own cell phones which are no longer considered an adult commodity but just another style statement. Children get attracted to the new and fancy cell phones very easily. It has become popular and regarded as a basic necessity for many children.

    As cell phones provide a sense of safety and security, it also helps kids during an emergency like accidents as they can call and inform their parents. But do kids only use cell phones for this purpose? Cell phones are also a source of distraction as kids can talk continuously over the phone. Safety also goes at stake when kids have cell phones as they can exchange numbers with strangers and then get into unnecessary trouble. Also sometimes, kids share unsuitable SMSes and MMSes that can disturb and distract their minds.

    keeping a cellphone is now no longer committed to just one society. you can see every other person, regardless of age or class having a phone in their hands. Thanks to the mobile network services for their almost free calling packages, it has become easy to keep a phone whatever your budget is. So if thought you were making a style statement with cell phones, here’s a serious challenge. With mobile phones gaining fast popularity, the exclusivity, earlier tagged only with a class that were a proud possessor of mobiles, is lost. Competition getting cut throat and consumer turning into a king, the mobiles have rather turned into a necessity for all — class and mass.

    Point is, phone are a need but when it comes to the point of spoiling your daily schedules then we can call it a dangerous gadget.

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    How does wireless charging work?

    Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is a technique which uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects, usually a stationary charging station and the portable device being charged.

    Energy is sent through an inductive coupling from the station to the device, which makes use of that energy to charge the device’s battery. Each device is fitted with an induction coil, and an alternating electromagnetic field is generated in the station’s coil in order to induce power into the coil in the device, which takes power from the field, and uses it to charge the battery.

    How does wireless charging work?, The two coils in combination essentially act in the same fashion as an electrical transformer, but lack the transformer’s combination in one complete unit.

    Most wireless chargers rely on the close proximity between the coils, but certain advanced designs, using resonant inductive coupling, can function with some distance between them.

    Wireless charging has a number of advantages and disadvantages when compared with a conventional wired connection. On the positive side, there is no physical electrical connection, and all the active componentry can be completely enclosed, rendering it immune to adverse and isolated from corrosive elements in the atmosphere.

    However, the technique brings no benefits in energy saving solutions, with one of chief disadvantages being that it is less efficient than a conventional wired connection, and generates more heat due to the resistive nature of the coils used.

    Whilst the construction of a wireless charging setup is more complex and more expensive than a wired connection, it has advantages in terms of safety and convenience. When used in medical implants, recharging can be accomplished without penetrating the skin of the patient, reducing any risk of infection.

    In normal use, the device can simply be placed upon the charging station, and this makes it safer and more convenient for handicapped users.

    Wireless charging does, however, take longer than conventional charging for the same power supplied, largely due to the lower efficiency of the power transfer.  Moreover, wired connections sometimes offer greater flexibility, in that the connected device can be moved around and actively operated whilst connected, without moving the charging station as well; this can’t be yet achieved with wireless charging.

    Newer developments are achieving greater efficiency in both charging stations and devices by the user of higher frequencies, thinner coils, and other optimisations of the electronics, and charging times for wireless recharging are now getting closer to the times that can be achieved with conventional wired connections.

    Of course, whilst the most obvious applications of this technology appear in the home, used in devices such as electric toothbrushes, mobile phones, and other electronics, larger-scale applications have been under development for some time.

    With an increased focus on hybrid and electric cars as a result of various energy crises over the years, vehicle manufacturers have looked to inductive charging as a standardised method for vehicle charging.

    The principle is now being taken even further, with developments intended to supply driving power to vehicles through induction coils laid in the streets, and into the vehicles themselves.

    In 2009 a Korean research group managed to provide 60 per cent of the power required to drive a bus, over a charging gap of 12cm.

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    Business & Innovation Speakers at Amplify Festival

    A business conference is like a freshly-bloomed flower attracting bees towards it! It is a convergence of people with like-minded interests, and similar goals into one place, where there is a mutual exchange of information, ideas and business strategies, networking among entrepreneurs and companies, all of which would otherwise be difficult to achieve individually. A business conference is also a ground for investors and capitalists to find good investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can present their business ideas, plans and forecasts in order to attract suitable investment partners.

    Business & Innovation Speakers at Amplify Festival , Amplify Festival is one such platform that has been created to explore business trends, leadership, trending technologies and innovation. Attendees benefit via interactive events arranged for them such as keynote presentations and workshops with business leaders, academics and experts. Through these, they can update themselves with edge-thinking business strategies preparing them for the future of business.

    Key Business Strategy & Innovation Speakers:

    The Amplify Festival experts speak on topics touching every aspect of businesses today, including new-world products and services, changing customer behaviour, disruptive forces in business and their impact, and redesigning and reorganisation of businesses to match the current trends. Presentations by thought-leaders and workshops also provide insight not only to manage talented workers, but also to enhance their skills and expertise.

    With so much exposure, attendees are sure to benefit in a big way and takeaway some vital lessons that would result in success. JoAnn Stonier, Global Privacy and Data Usage Officer, Mastercard, an expert in financial privacy enlightened attendees about risks and information management on a global basis. Her talks helped business people to understand the risks and legal requirements related to using personal information in business innovation.

    Attendees of Amplify Festival can take away a brilliant lesson on the correlation of technology innovation, such as social networking, and business strategy from Dr. Ashwin Ram, Chief Innovation Officer, Augmented Social Cognition, Palo Alto Research Center. His research expertise includes artificial intelligence and cognitive science spanning natural language processing, case-based reasoning, machine learning, educational technology, social media, and AI applications.

    Peter van der Auwera specialises in corporate venturing, start-up incubation, personal data, peer-to-peer data sharing networks, business innovation in financial services, event curation, facilitation and experience design.

    Saul Kaplan shared valuable know-how on business model innovation, prototyping and experimentation. Author of “The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay Relevant when the World Is Changing” and founder of the Business Innovation Factory, entrepreneurs could learn much more about collaborative innovation and test new business models and solutions.

    Michael Schrage, one of the world’s most provocative thought leaders on innovation, teaches at MIT Sloan’s School Centre for Digital Business and Imperial College’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group in London. He works with clients like Google, Facebook, Procter &Gamble, Disney, Shell, Microsoft, and NASDAQ, to build new capabilities in design experimentation. Attending his workshops enlightened participants on the key concepts of business model innovation and Behavioural Economics.

    A session with Jacqueline LeSage Krause provided some crucial insight to get catapulted to the future faster by investing venture capital in start-ups and business models for consumers as well as small and large commercial businesses.

    The key learning’s from Amplify Business Festival was effective because of its interactive sessions interspersed with these enlightening talks. What made the whole experience special and one to remember was the ambience of mutual benefits and a ground to build long-term business relationships.

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