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Sarkozy Returns the Ball to Strauss-Kahn

PARIS  – French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn to take legal action over allegations that his “political enemies” had shattered him during his presidential candidacy. This includes his alleged sexual encounter with a maid in New York.   Strauss-Kahn was Read On..

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What Apple Gadget Did You Buy First?

The iPod was the device that started the Americans on the path of addiction to the brand of the block. Now, according to a new NPD survey, it is more likely that the first Apple product purchased by many was an iPhone or, increasingly, an iPad .   To quote Read On..

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Samsung Overtakes Apple in Sales

Do you know how many Apple smartphones were sold in the last quarter? 35,064,000. This was specified by its press release and the company’s Form 10-Q which was filed with the regulatory authorities.   As for Samsung smartphones, although they have released its quarterly earnings on Friday, the company simply said Read On..

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Cook Removes the Shadow of Steve Jobs

NEW YORK – The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has been long seen as a boring and an unemotional subject who pulls the strings behind the scenes. But now, he is beginning to reveal a most eloquent and energetic side which is an indication that he is learning to bear the Read On..

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The Conficker Virus: One of the Most Serious Security Threats

Microsoft said Wednesday that the computer virus, Conficker, was detected almost 220 million times in the last two and half years, making it one of the most serious threats to consumers and businesses in the history of computers.   In releasing its “Security Intelligence Report,” the software company warned that Read On..

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Walmart Reveal Extensive Lobbying

The Walmart company supported an aggressive lobbying effort to achieve reform of the law against corrupt practices in the U.S. operations, similar to the alleged bribes that company executives are accused of having paid in Mexico. This was revealed Wednesday in the U.S. press.   The Washington Post reported that Read On..

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H&M Plans to Open Another Store in Mexico

Expansion plans of the clothing chain H & M goes include opening another store in Mexico. The company is gearing up to hire at least 100 people to oversee the building plans of their upcoming store. “We closed the deal with Centro Santa Fe in January this year and currently, Read On..

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Ford, Nissan, and Toyota Shine in China

BEIJING, China – The China Auto Show began with the presence of more than 1,100 vehicles from different car manufacturers that can be found all over the world. This alone signifies the importance of China in the auto manufacturing sector. In total, 1,125 models of cars were presented in the Read On..

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GEMA Wins Lawsuit Against YouTube

BERLIN – On Friday, a German court ruled that YouTube must install filters to prevent users from loading music videos with copyrights reserved for organizations that charge for their use. The Hamburg state court ruled in favor of the German GEMA. The company sued Google’s YouTube for uploading 12 music Read On..

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General Electric Beats Expectations

NEW YORK – General Electric beats expectations for revenues from Wall Street in the first quarter. This unexpected outcome was helped by the strong demand for the company’s power equipment and locomotives. The largest U.S. conglomerate said factory orders increased by 20% in the period and sale prices have improved Read On..

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Record Profits Brought in by Online Ads

Revenues from online advertisements in the U.S. rose to a record $31 billion last year, according to a study released Wednesday. The sum represents an increase of 22% of the $26 million from 2010, which also imposed branding. Almost half of the advertising revenue of around $14.8 billion came from Read On..

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Audi Plans to Put Up a Plant in Mexico

di, the luxury car unit of Volkswagen, plans to invest less than $2 million on a new SUV plant in Mexico. This was said Thursday by Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler, without giving an exact figure. “We’re talking about 150,000 units, it does not need $2 million,” said Stadler. Last Thursday, Read On..

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