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e-TradeCounter Celebrates the Olympics with a Free iPad 2

The London Olympics are getting closer by the day and if you live in UK, then there is no escaping the excitement and ‘Olympic fever’ that is in the air. And e-TradeCounter, who offer complete solutions to all your home needs with stuff that varies from plumbing to heating and Read On..

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Getting the right insurance for expensive assets

Whether it’s in the form of fine wine, 17th-century artwork or 18 carat gold jewellery, it’s important that any expensive assets in your home are insured properly. Although you might think they can be covered under a standard contents policy, the high monetary value of these items means they’re unlikely Read On..

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Angry Birds on Your Credit Cards

The Angry Birds characters have appeared on clothing, books, stuffed animals, board games, and now … credit cards!   One of the local banks in Russia, Promsvyazbank (PBS), released a series of credit cards in the second half of June featuring characters in the game created by Finland’s Rovio. The Read On..

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Citigroup Loses $20 Million on Facebook

A unit of Citigroup posted losses of about $ 20 million for operations in the failed Facebook IPO on the Nasdaq, said Friday by a source within the company who has knowledge of the situation.   Losses of Automated Trading Desk unit joined those reported by Knight Capital Group Inc. Read On..

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YouTube Now on Its 7th Year of Operations

With more than 4 million new views per day and 72 hours of video shared every minute, the Internet portal YouTube is now is on its 7th year, with presence in 39 countries and 54 languages.   Each month, the site is visited by more than 800 million users and Read On..

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iPad App Transforms Photos into 3D

The Autodesk software company launched an iPhone application which allows users to take photos, upload them to the cloud service company, and transform it into three-dimensional images.   The department responsible for consumer product development of the company states that the tool will provide access to anyone to capture, explore, Read On..

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Google Delivers Humiliating Setback to Oracle

The major Internet search company, Google, never infringed Oracle’s patents when it created its popular Android software for mobile devices. This was the finding of the federal jury assigned to decide on Oracle’s case against Google.   By finding for Google, the jury dealt a humiliating blow to Oracle. The Read On..

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Create Music with Google Doodle

Google celebrated a day dedicated to Robert A. Moog on Wednesday. Robert A. Moog, father of the modern synthesizer, was born on May 23, 1934 in New York City.   The doodle on Wednesday worked like a real synthesizer, allowing users to create their own music with a keyboard. They can Read On..

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Facebook Shares Closes with Losses of 11%

NEW YORK – The shares of Facebook closed Monday with a decrease of 10.99% to 34.03 dollars per title, just two days after they made ​​their market debut last Friday in an initial public offering price which established the $38 mark on the stock.   In return, Apple shares advanced Read On..

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Best Buy Sends a Strong Signal of Confidence

NEW YORK – Best Buy, one of America’s largest chains of consumer electronics outlets, reported quarterly results that were better than expected, maintaining the company’s outlook for the year thanks to the recorded progress in its recovery plan.   The results drove shares of the largest consumer electronics chain in Read On..

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BlackRock “Speeds” in Formula One

SINGAPORE – The private equity firm CVC Capital confirmed Tuesday that it sold a 21% share in Formula One for 1.6 million dollars in cash to an investor group that includes asset manager BlackRock. This is before an initial public offering (IPO) of 3 million in Singapore.   The agreement involves Read On..

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China Takes Over the World of Cinema

BEIJING, China – Chinese conglomerate Wanda announced Monday that it will buy the U.S. company American Multi-Cinema (AMC), which manages hundreds of movie theaters in the U.S. and Canada. As such, China will then become the world’s largest owner of cinemas.   The Wanda Chinese private group, which has a Read On..

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