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Interacting With Your Customers: The Importance of CRM for a Business

There is a reason why we pretty much equate the net and its basic search services to Google and jump onto YouTube for all the video demands. Sure, if things do not work on these platforms you start looking elsewhere, but the notion among the casual and the non-serious internet Read On..

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Enhanced trading on the go with Alpari MetaTrader 5

The world of trading is arguably one of the most difficult to keep up with, if you do not have the right tools and expertise. The frantic pace at which things constantly change in the markets and the current volatile economy mean that one needs to always remain on the Read On..

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Obama Presses Republicans on Tax Issues

  WASHINGTON  – President Barack Obama on Saturday blamed the Republicans for promoting a situation where Americans will be required to pay increased taxes next year. In the GOP response, a senator accused Obama and the Democratic Party of alleged obstructionist intent, putting the bulk of the tax burden on Read On..

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5 key aspects that should shape your company’s PR campaign

Whether you are a company that is just starting to find its feet in the market or one that is established, in this time and age managing your PR is simply a must to ensure that success follows. And while that is a simple enough truth to realize, the complex Read On..

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Apple Improves iCloud for Mountain Lion

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple released the latest version of its operating system for Macintosh computers on Wednesday, introducing new features such as better integration with the storage and network game service “iCloud” at the same time. The Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion was released one day after Apple published Read On..

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Geithner Defends His Actions on Libor

WASHINGTON – The secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Timothy Geithner, is under pressure for not doing enough to stop the fraudulent manipulation of Libor. Geithner told lawmakers on Wednesday that he alerted the appropriate authorities as early as possible. Geithner said he realized the problem in 2008 when he was Read On..

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Oil Prices Rise by 0.53%

NEW YORK – Crude oil prices in the United States rose for the second time last Wednesday. Due to this rise and concerns about the situation in the Middle East, the Fed has decided to act on a more economically effective stimulus. Crude oil prices for September rose to $0.47 Read On..

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Top 5 creepy conspiracy theories that will leave you wanting for more

Conspiracy theories have been around for a while and while many would instantly dismiss them as being mere fantasies of the unstable mind or maybe even as an attempt to get some attention, the fact remains that truth is not always as it seems. While conspiracy theories always seem to Read On..

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Actinver Profit Falls 45% from January to June of 2012

  MEXICO CITY – Actinver Corporation’s net profit fell by 45% in the first half of 2012 after investing heavily in infrastructure, new product development, and strategic acquisitions. The company suffered similar losses for the same period in 2011. According to a statement sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange, the Read On..

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Nintendo Recorded Lower Losses in Profit

TOKYO – Nintendo, the largest maker of video game consoles in the world, reported losses in its fiscal first quarter due to a stronger yen and product discounts. The franchise creator of Super Mario however stuck to its forecast of having net profits that amount to 35 billion yen (447 Read On..

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New York Times Abandons Its BlackBerry App

  NEW YORK – Users of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry will not be able to use the official application of the New York Times to read news on their cell phones anymore, a new blow against the manufacturer of smartphone that was considered an essential tool for people in business. Read On..

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Cuba’s Economy Experiences 2.1% Growth

HAVANA, Cuba – Cuban President Raul Castro closed the first of two regular annual sessions of Parliament by reporting a 2.1% growth in Cuba’s economy in the first half of the year. Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning Adel Yzquierdo said the result can be seen as a favorable performance Read On..

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