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Top opportunities that await tanning salons in the years to come

One of the major surprises of the global economic downturn in terms of business revenue and expanding markets has been the beauty industry in its entirety. Quite simply put, people might cut down on accessories, luxuries, wonderful holidays and expensive indulgences, but what the trend in the last 3 years Read On..

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5 ways to save paper at your workplace

We have only one home and while its inhabitants (especially humans) seem to be growing at a rapid pace, the amount of space available and the resources on offer are limited. There is only that much the planet can take before things start going down in a bad way and Read On..

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Ideal promotional gifts for business parties

Although you may be aware of the saying ‘business before pleasure’, that is not to say that the two should never be combined. Business parties, in fact, can deliver a host of benefits, not just for your own organisation but also for clients. To get an insight into what business Read On..

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DHL Increases Investments in Mexico

  The international courier company, DHL Express, increased its Mexico investment from 125 million to 160 million. It is said that this move was influenced by the foreseeable economic growth of the said country in the coming years. This in turn, will double the company’s investment. They announced that the Read On..

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Deutsche Bank Cuts Back on Costs

  FRANKFURT – Deutsche Bank will no longer ask its shareholders for additional capital. Instead, it will reduce its balance sheet and cut costs to meet stricter new regulations. The organization aims to address structural and a cyclical downturn in the banking sector with a strong plan that includes a Read On..

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Lufthansa Records the Biggest Strike in the Company’s History

  BERLIN – Last Friday, Lufthansa flight attendants held the biggest strike ever to happen to the German airline company. The strike, coinciding with the end of the summer holidays in the south of Germany, caused many cancellations in the afternoon. Due to the fact that a thousand flights were Read On..

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Six Flags Mexico Opens Three New Shows

  MEXICO CITY – Six Flags announced that between this year and 2013, they will open two new festival-themed amusement parks in Mexico. On top of that, they will also feature a new roller coaster ride in the Spring of 2013 and it will beĀ  called “The Joker”. This new Read On..

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