5 Savvy Tips to Help Reduce your Company’s Telephone Bills

5 Savvy Tips to Help Reduce your Company’s Telephone Bills, Taking care of mobile or fixed line telephone bills might not be high up on your priority list when running a small of medium business firm.

Having said that, it is extremely important to understand that most often firms end up paying a lot more than they need to and that is simply because of either ignorance or proper care when it comes to picking the right telephone services. Simple and smart solutions not only help in reducing costs, but also in improving customer service and seamless connectivity for those working at your company as well.

Here are 5 tips that will help you get started in the right direction —

  • Never use a consumer plan for your business. This is a cardinal sin that most small and budding businesses commit because they are either too lazy to change their plan or have not gone over the fine print. Consumer plans for businesses usually end up giving you bills that are disproportionately high and you will only realize this after receiving the first bill.
  • A business shared plan offered by your local carriers is a good way to go. Most businesses have more than a single line and it is best to integrate them into a single shared group so that no minutes are wasted and no single line is charged excessively.
  •  Use Hosted PBX services that help route your calls over the internet and also use cloud-based services to ensure that all your mobile and landline needs are streamlined, custom-designed to suit your needs and highly cost effective. Virtual PBX is the ‘in thing’ for businesses big and small today and services like the fixed-mobile convergence from ECT are ideal for bringing together all your landline and mobile platform needs at one place with great value added services.
  • Monitor your company’s telephone activity on a regular basis and choose flexible data plans accordingly. Most of us simply subscribe to a single plan which was perfect for our firm at that particular time and forget about it as the company and its needs evolve. Staying relevant is essential and a must.
  • Choosing a smart fleet of devices is also essential as having a single mobile platform to work with also helps immensely in bringing down the costs and reducing unnecessary fragmentation.
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