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These Little Things Can Save You BIG Dollars!

Even if you’re not strapped for cash, on a tight budget or don’t have enough as it is… it always makes sense to be smart with your money. These tips can have you saving big dollars fast. I cut back on the crap I was buying and made smarter purchase Read On..

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Has inflation affected you?

Has inflation affected you? It certainly would have. Do you mind looking into the third world countries where inflation probably rules? Quite a saddening topic to discuss, but today, let us give you an insight what life feels for a 3 year old child who runs with a heavy smile Read On..

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Payroll software – the easy way to pay

Running a business during periods of fiscal turbulence highlights the importance of a reliable payroll system – which is why an efficient and dependable piece of software that makes the intricacies of employee management simple, should be top of your list. However, employers looking to invest in payroll software must Read On..

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5 Financial Reasons to Hold Back on a New Kitchen

Are you thinking about purchasing a new kitchen for your home? Well now’s the time to stop. The number one factor in any instance of bad spending is impulse. Whether it’s that chocolate bar strategically placed next to the checkout or an irresistible financing option on a kitchen you may Read On..

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Tax relief on pension contributions overlooked by thousands in UK each year

Working out taxes and arriving at the best possible scenario which will enhance your savings is not the easiest thing to do. It definitely is not a work cut out for most of us. The irony is that while plenty of people complain about increased taxes each year, few take Read On..

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5 Financial Tips to Help Plan for Comfortable Retirement Years

There comes a point in all of our lives when we either do not wish to work anymore on a regular basis or completely stop working altogether. Planning for this stage of life is probably the most important part of our financial portfolio. While there was a time when most Read On..

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In American Households, Old is Still Gold

Age, it seems, has a lot to do with wealth. The old gained money while the young lost their share. This revelation was brought forth by a recent report, The Old Prosper Relative to the Young, by the Pew Research Center. The study took into consideration the rising age gap Read On..

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Education Funding Cuts to Pave Way for Increased Student Loans

Student loans are already hanging as albatross across the necks of many a students. With the US government’s decision to reduce funding in education, students are going to feel more helpless. Students who have already been awarded grants based on merit will also suffer with changes in their awards. The Read On..

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Young America Doesn’t Want to Borrow

It may not be an attempt at being austere but young adults in the US are wary of taking loans. Given that they are already laden with huge student loans, this may be looked at as a smart move on their part. A research by the Pew Research Center has concluded Read On..

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Sustainable office refurbishment ideas helping businesses save both time and cash

If you are seeing greater number of firms and businesses opt for sustainable and green solutions for their offices, then it is by no means is a freakish coincidence. One of the aspects of property maintenance in big cities across the globe is to keep commercial office spaces in top Read On..

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Ideal promotional gifts for business parties

Although you may be aware of the saying ‘business before pleasure’, that is not to say that the two should never be combined. Business parties, in fact, can deliver a host of benefits, not just for your own organisation but also for clients. To get an insight into what business Read On..

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Operation Twist Hurts Savers

  NEW YORK – With bond yields and mortgage rates reaching record lows, the efforts of the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) to extend the life of the Operation Twist will probably not work to reduce U.S. interest rates. Still under the status quo, debtors, including the U.S. government itself, continue Read On..

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