Epic Failures in the Tech Industry

Technology plays such a huge part of in our lives. As a matter of fact, nowadays many of our daily activities can hardly be Epic Failures in the Tech Industry , technology tech failures nasa Microsoft mars innovation evolution aviationaccomplished without the aid of technology. Mankind, evolution and innovation have now blended together.

However, the road to technological advancement has not always been a smooth one. We hear about incidences of hacking, system failures, and software incompatibilities. While the problem may occur in one or two small components of the technology, its impact on humans can be devastating, as histories can prove.

Even the most sophisticated devices of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were not spared from these technological failures. Remember when NASA launched two space crafts that would signal their long-term Mars exploration. However, this exploration is also remembered for the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter. This spacecraft was originally created to study the weather in Mars. After a series of investigations it was found out that the cause of the spacecraft failure was the inconsistency of the metric system used to build and program the spacecraft.

Epic Failures in the Tech Industry , technology tech failures nasa Microsoft mars innovation evolution aviationOur aviation system is also highly dependent on technology. Yet, anyone who was at the Los Angeles International Airport back in 2007 will surely not forget the horrible delays they experienced when more than 15,000 planes in the airport were grounded. This was later on traced to a software problem of a low-quality equipment, that kept on sending inaccurate data on the airport’s network.

There were also technology products that were easily ruined by technological glitches before they can even make it big in the market. Take for instance Microsoft’s Zune, which was intended to be the bravest rival of Apple’s iPod. Unfortunately, due to persistent software problems of the Mp3 player, Microsoft eventually watched Zune fade into the market. Of course, we all know that this isn’t the first and only technological failure that Microsoft will be known for. When Window’s Vista was released to replace the classic Windows XP, the reception of users was just not cold, it turned sour. Next thing the tech community knew, people were already clamoring for the old OS. Windows Vista turned out to be one of the most short-lived Microsoft OS.

Apparently, most if not all of the technological failures are man-made. As the innovations are becoming more sophisticated, it is essential for mankind to also upgrade, in order to cope with these changes. Given the trends we have now, it’s clear that our technology experts are coping really well.

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