Give managing a workforce a personal touch

Whatever industry you are in or the size of your operations, there are some things all businesses will need to work at, among them managing a workforce properly. For fairly obvious reasons, the staff that your organisation has hired ought to be focused on performing to the best of their abilities at all times, but it is also important to create an environment where they feel at ease.

Give managing a workforce a personal touch, So, how do you go about achieving this? Of course, your main focus ought to be on making sure a team does the jobs they have been assigned, but you are unlikely to find people are willing to give 100 per cent if they don’t feel comfortable and aren’t able to be themselves.

This is why it’s important to give a personal touch to managing a workforce and here are some examples of how you may be able to achieve that with your workforce:

Make people feel welcome

Although you might believe it’s something that goes without saying, it can’t be stressed enough how vital it is to make sure workers feel welcome.

No matter what position they have, everyone needs to work in an environment where they are comfortable, otherwise they may not give 100 per cent. This is why it is important to regularly speak to staff on a one-to-one basis to not only see how they are getting on with their responsibilities, but also to ensure they are happy in their work.

However, it can be quite easy for people, especially those who are employed by a large organisation and/or work in a busy environment to feel overwhelmed and that their opinions don’t count. Of course, this is not something that you will want to happen at your organisation, so taking the time to make sure each and every employee has the opportunity to speak up and make their views heard by one of their superiors can help. This can prove particularly useful for new starters and those who are naturally shy and lack the confidence to come forward with any concerns they have.

It is also worth looking at ways people can express their personality as they work. This could be done by ensuring everyone has their own personalised promotional mug. Something as simple as being able to drink out of a cup that has their name printed on it or is in their favourite colour can help to make employees feel a little more at ease.

Don’t over-rely on email

Email and instant messaging applications like Google Talk are effective ways for workers to communicate with clients and colleagues (especially if your organisation has offices in multiple locations and/or employees who work from home), however, your team shouldn’t become over reliant on them.

Constantly emailing people when it is just as easy and quick to make a phone call or even have a chat face-to-face means that you may struggle to create open channels of communication within an office. Instead, you should encourage staff to actually speak to one another whenever possible – doing so should help to cultivate a productive, yet pleasant, working environment.


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