Need for bike racks grows big time

The increase in the number of people riding bikes has in turn increased the need for more bike racks; on streets, in businesses/organisations and at home. Cycle racks allow cyclist to park their bikes securely using locks or chains. They come is various specifications, some are very standard and some very customised and bespoke.

Need for bike racks grows big time,

The market has seen an increase over the last couple of years mainly due of the increase in the number of people using bicycles as a means of transport, exercise and recreation recreation.

The design and variation of the bike rack has changed, they are not just for parking and securing bikes anymore; there’s also design and aesthetics to consider when choosing suitable storage.

Need for bike racks grows big time, With the Olympics just passed, the spotlight on cycling is now shinning even brighter.

The Olympics inspired a generation to be more active, cycling being one of the activities at the top of that agenda.

The London Olympics Velodrome cycling track also had its own custom bike racks supplied by Bike Dock Solutions; the Tri-Transition and the A-frame racks.

Bike Dock Solutions are planning future projects with the Local Authorities running the Velodrome, so watch this space for more info & updates.

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