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Verdict for the Apple VS. Samsung Case is in the Hands of the Jury

  NEW YORK – After 50 hours of testimonies, hundreds of tests , millions of dollars in fees for lawyers and expert witnesses, 84 court instructions and four hours of closing arguments in the Apple vs. Samsung patents trial, the decision is now in the hands of seven men and Read On..

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RIM Gets Ready to Launch a Keyboard-free Blackberry Phone

TORONTO – RIM just announced that the upcoming Blackberry 10 will no longer have their signature keyboard. The model will be released with along with the other high end Blackberry products. The Blackberry 10 will be the first ever full-touch screen smartphone released by RIM thus making people believe that Read On..

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Samsung and LG Try to Take TVs to the Next Level

SEOUL – Samsung Electronics Firms Co. and LG Electronics Inc. both plan to stay ahead of their competition with help from OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. Neither of the two companies were discouraged by the fact that their three-dimensional television models or internet-connection capable TVs failed to boost sales. The Read On..

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iPad App Transforms Photos into 3D

The Autodesk software company launched an iPhone application which allows users to take photos, upload them to the cloud service company, and transform it into three-dimensional images.   The department responsible for consumer product development of the company states that the tool will provide access to anyone to capture, explore, Read On..

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What Apple Gadget Did You Buy First?

The iPod was the device that started the Americans on the path of addiction to the brand of the block. Now, according to a new NPD survey, it is more likely that the first Apple product purchased by many was an iPhone or, increasingly, an iPad .   To quote Read On..

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