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Epic Failures in the Tech Industry

Technology plays such a huge part of in our lives. As a matter of fact, nowadays many of our daily activities can hardly be accomplished without the aid of technology. Mankind, evolution and innovation have now blended together. However, the road to technological advancement has not always been a smooth Read On..

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Microsoft Suffers its First Market Loss Since 1986

  Microsoft on Thursday reported its first quarterly loss since it was first listed on the stock exchange, depreciating in stock value and experiencing stagnation in sales of its Windows operating system. After several years of lagging behind pioneers in mobile telephony and internet Apple Inc. and Google Inc. while Read On..

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Washington Voters Can Register Via Facebook

OLYMPIA  – Facebook users in the state of Washington will have something more to brag about to their friends on the internet – they can register to vote for the November elections in the United States just by logging into their account. Last Tuesday, the office of the Secretary of Read On..

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Comcast Gains Full Ownership of MSNBC

  NEW YORK – U.S. media group Comcast, parent of NBC, bought Microsoft’s 50% stake in MSNBC.com for about $300 million and assuming full control of the news website, said the New York Times, citing information from people who had first-hand knowledge of the agreement between the giant software manufacture Read On..

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Studies Show Leniency in Choosing Board Members

BOSTON – According to a study by James Drury Partners, the board members of BlackRock, Merck & Co. and Caterpillar led the rankings in the best management staff among U.S. corporations. At the other end of the list, the companies that were perceived to be spearheaded by less capable board Read On..

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Microsoft’s Value Depreciates Due to Bad Investment

  NEW YORK – On Monday, Microsoft Corp. lowered expectations for the growth of its internet unit and search tools after recording a depreciation of $6.2million for the value of an online advertising company they acquired five years ago. Microsoft bought the internet advertising company aQuantive in 2007, in an Read On..

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RIM is Offered a Team Up with Microsoft

NEW YORK – Research In Motion Ltd. is under tremendous pressure to consider unpleasant options. Two of these is selling their business network or form a partnership with Microsoft Corporation. The main reason why they are being asked to reconsider their business plan is because they delayed the launch of Read On..

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Microsoft Office in Greece Suffers from Bomb Attack

  ATHENS – Unknown people attacked the offices of Microsoft in Athens in the early hours of Wednesday. Police said a van smashed against the front door of the establishment and a bombing device that burned part building’s façade was detonated. No injuries were reported because of the attack took Read On..

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Microsoft and Google Compete Over Internet Privacy among Users

NEW YORK – Microsoft and Google are locked in a competition where many have related to the controversial practice of advertisers to record every step made by Internet users. Both companies fight over how to implement the “Do Not Track” (No Trace), a button on the browser you will soon Read On..

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Windows 8 Almost Ready for Release

REDMOND – Microsoft is about to end a long-awaited overhaul of its Windows operating system.   The software maker said that with the release of the final test version of Windows 8, the new face of the interface is almost complete.   This trial version is available in 14 languages Read On..

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Is Facebook as Big as It Claims to Be?

The Facebook IPO scheduled for this week generated a wave of euphoria on Wall Street. But the enthusiasm did not always translate into money carts for investors.   Facebook is listed on the midpoint of the estimated range of $28 to $35 a share, starting with a market capitalization of about $86 Read On..

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The Conficker Virus: One of the Most Serious Security Threats

Microsoft said Wednesday that the computer virus, Conficker, was detected almost 220 million times in the last two and half years, making it one of the most serious threats to consumers and businesses in the history of computers.   In releasing its “Security Intelligence Report,” the software company warned that Read On..

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