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Amy Wallis holds a keen entrepreneurship at Welch Allyn, a company that eagerly manufactures medical diagnostic equipment. “Climbing to the top hasn’t been quite easy,” Amy Wallis remarked. “I discovered that I had a certain passion for learning and thought that maybe I could elevate my position as a management consultant to an HRD someday.”

Talk to us, understand us, choose us. ,

As Amy Wallis had stated, she had been initially working at Welch Allyn as a management consultant. After acquiring training from the senior officials in her time, she decided to obtain a doctoral degree in counselling psychology and the headaches that it brings. She returned to the company, beholding a keen doctoral program and got promoted to the position of an HRD.

“It has been a long, long wait. Being a talent and performance management, I foresee massive responsibilities in order to groom all those under me and seeking advice.”

Talk to us, understand us, choose us. ,

Amy Wallis had been working in the company for about 15 years where she was capable of developing the ambition for learning and climbing ahead. She did return to school for some time in order to be educated more according to the requirements of an HRD professional. It has been two and a half months since she has been visualized by others as an example of over-growing ambition which led her to be on the top of them.


Wallis enjoys at the top, but in order to maintain her stay as an HRM, she declares that there are a lot of responsibilities that an HRM as to tackle.

“I have to keenly approach the clients for deals and groom the consultants under me for a remarkable response. Being at the top is not easy.  Grooming those under me does not precisely mean that I have to train them. Most of the work is done through mentoring and coaching. I have to keep the clients happy and coming back. Nowadays, medical equipment requires well-educated medical engineers without who can comprehend and evoke keen digitalized medical records.”


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