The most impressive cars for employees on the road

If you want to make the kind of first impression that really lasts then you’ll need a seriously impressive car to do it. The bigger, louder and meaner the better, and using a contract hire scheme to spread the cost of ownership into monthly chunks can be a good way to get in and drive the car of your dreams every day. Here is some impression making inspiration for you.

The BMW M5

The most impressive cars for employees on the road,

That’s right; you can actually own a BMW M5 on Contract hire, one of the very fastest and most impressive saloon cars on the planet today. The M5 is pure understated evil and anyone that knows and loves cars will surely have a soft spot for the mighty M5.

So fast, so sexy; the M5 is everything the legendary M Division tuning arm of BMW cars can give you to go fast. If nearly 200mph from your saloon car isn’t quick enough for you then perhaps you need to apply to NASA!

At the heart of this Bavarian beast is a twin-turbo V8 petrol and double-clutch gearbox that come together to give the M5 simply searing performance. All of this from £610.52 per month with Listers. And we’ve not even looked at the rest of this wonderful car yet.

Just look at the bodywork. It’s all bulges, angles, cuts, slashes and aggression, with modified aerodynamics to slice the air, cool the engine and plant the rear end onto the road. Those in the know will instantly understand what this motorway monster is all about, those that don’t know will simply think it’s a pretty standard looking BMW 5 Series. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Not only do M5 drivers enjoy that spine tingling performance and drool inducing body styling, they also get one of the finest interiors known to man. Leather and Alcantara everywhere, and lots of tasty little badges and touches all over the cabin to remind you that you are indeed lucky enough to be driving an automotive legend.

The Mercedes-Benz G Class

The most impressive cars for employees on the road,

The almighty Mercedes-Benz G Class really needs no introduction such is its chunky and terrifying status as one of the most fearsome bits of on- and off-road kit ever to turn an alloy wheel. Could you see yourself behind the wheel of one of these behemoths, from £895 per month, from Listers?

You might decide that you’ll never take your pristine G Class off-road, getting it all muddy and scratching the paintwork, but if you do decide to venture off the beaten track, there is probably no finer off-road vehicle than the powerful G Class.

Under that chunky and tough looking bodywork is one of the most advanced all-wheel drive systems available on any car or SUV, indeed this car will go where many fear to tread.

Huge engine performance is transferred to all four wheels by a very sophisticated drivetrain that is entirely computer controlled to give each wheel all the power and traction the rubber can muster. Keeping those huge alloy wheels in constant contact with the road, or indeed dirt, is four corners of top notch suspension that’s computer controlled too; for ride height, stiffness etc.

And finally, of course, there’s a wonderful Mercedes-Benz full leather interior to enjoy while you’re cruising though the wilderness. Just don’t get those muddy wellies on the shag pile carpet!

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