Use your iPad to explore the interior design world while travelling

Use your iPad to explore the interior design world while travelling,

One of the best ways to get inspired is to travel the world and take in all the sights and sounds on offer. Most designers, architects and decorators love to spend a great deal of time on the road as it allows them to tap into new and creative ideas, enjoy various flavors, styles and patterns of design and borrow generously from different cultures and traditions across the globe.

While it is great to be on the move as you draw inspiration, you also need a trusted system that connects you with the world while traveling and brings new ideas into the palm of your hands. Technology and handheld devices offer exactly that and the Apple iPad is indeed one of the best in this regard.

There are plenty of amazing apps on your iPhone and iPad and if you love using them around, then you can never really get enough of them. While some give you easy access, others help with vital information and then there are those that add a whole new perspective to your world.

For an interior decorator and designer though, the entire world is a beautiful blank template and there is space waiting to be filled ever so beautifully and diligently. Here are a few awesome iPad apps that will inspire and challenge the many designers and decorating experts out there…

Measures is a simple app that does something which will make the life of most designers a lot easier and convenient. All you need to do is take the photo of a particular area and then you can simply chalk up the measurements on the image without any hassles at all. No longer do you need to carry images and measurements separately and then fumble over while matching them both.

Houzz is one of the best apps for all those who are interested in design; be it professionals or amateurs. The app allows you to do loads of research on design, templates, décor and every other detail before you actually get started on a project. It is easy to use, has almost unlimited resources and ranks designers based on their work quality as well as quantity.

Adobe Ideas is simple to use when it comes to drawing and sketching on the iPad and it syncs in seamlessly with the other Adobe software such as Photoshop and illustrator as well to give you a ton of options when it comes to being able to create your own brilliant ideas.

iDraw will open up a whole new world for you on your iPad, if you have the skill in your hands and the imagination that sparks of great ideas. If you are looking for a vector-based drawing pad that si simply the best, then you need not look any further beyond this wonderful app.

While the likes of iDraw will help you instantly chalk up designs and ideas as they hit you, even when you are travelling, the best thing about hitting the road is the exposure to new schemes. Most of the designers spend a large amount of this time in hotels and suites and that is not a bad place either for observing design.

Various different suites have their own particular décor, furnishings, layout and even set of gadgets! Top notch companies like Philips produce custom devices and lighting fixtures in the form of Easy Suite, Media Suite, Prime Suite and Signature designs. The iPad has design apps even for these that allow you to be as informed as commercial hotel designers themselves.

There are a host of other design apps along with some really cool Augmented Reality apps that bring together the virtual world along with the real like in the case of the innovative Philips Hotel Room app, which lets designers, pick which Philips hotel TV is best for each suite and where it fits in perfectly! From the commercial to the personal, these iPad apps (with great new ones being added constantly) are really bringing interior design and decoration closer to everyone.

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