UK police warn against voucher loan scams that promise huge credit sums

UK police warn against voucher loan scams that promise huge credit sums, One of the best ways to lure people into throwing away their hard earned money seems to be by luring them with big profits and schemes that are ‘too good to be true’. If something sounds unbelievable and looks like easy cash, then most often it is best to be circumspect and do a bit more research before you lose your cash to fraudsters.

While emails that promise you a huge lottery win or those pretending to be foreign nationals offering money have been around for long (and for some strange reason still seem to work with many despite countless warnings), a new type of digital fraud has started to surface in the UK.

Bedfordshire Police received a complaint from a couple that a credit company assured them of a loan of £3000 if they paid £90 upfront in the form of Ukash vouchers. Ukash is a reputable and trusted company that offers you vouchers that allow you to spend cash on many virtual platforms with ease. But when the couple did pay the amount asked for by giving their Ukash voucher code to the credit company, they never received the promised £3000. Not only did they get duped, but the individual posing as a credit company had the audacity to demand another £195!

Ukash themselves warn against giving away voucher numbers or dealing with external services and non-approved merchants that promise exchange services to the likes of Liberty Reserve. You can learn more about Ukash to liberty reserve exchange services and check for trusted partners on their site, before you undertake further transactions, just to ensure complete safety and peace of mind.

Police say that the fault obviously lies with people as much as it does with these fraudsters as they get easily drawn to such poncho schemes. Those committing such fiscal crimes seem to specifically target individuals with bad credit record as it is easy to lure them in. While authorities repeatedly warn people not to pay up front and only deal with trusted organizations, some still seem to find it hard to resist the temptation.

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