In the Hertfordshire region, we have seen many changes that have been caused by Brexit, the latest and one of the most important changes that may be coming into our lives is the changes to how businesses can handle our data and what they have access to. In Hertfordshire recently we saw a business who was not being truthful with what they were using their client’s information for and it consequently caused they’re shut down. It seems that the technology industry is really thriving in this part of the world with many new tech releases and IT support in the hertfordshire area is more affordable than ever, however, Brexit could be about to change everything.


Just saying the word Brexit causes feelings of confusion and fear for the future, one of the terms of the Uk leaving the European Union is that we will take back control of our own laws which are currently also influenced by the EU. With this in mind it makes sense that people are worried about the future and the possible changes that are to come, it is likely that we will see small changes pretty early on in our withdrawal such as the way in which many laws are referenced by unions law. Now that we are no longer going to be in the union it is likely that we will see this kind of terminology change as a first step.

However, it is the more drastic changes that people are worrying about and questioning what kind of personal impact leaving the EU will have on many individuals around the world. Now that our government is starting the steps to leave the European Union and the prospect of our laws going through massive change is looming on us, many people are starting to question what our leaders are planning to do now that they have so much power and influence.


What are Business Data Handling Laws and Why Should You Care About Them

Many of our laws were influenced by the UK’s presence in the European Union, meaning that many of our current laws could be subject to change when the leaving process is finally completed. Our data protection laws are in place as a means to protect the general public from data crimes and identity fraud, our laws basically make it a criminal offense to access or steal private information from anyone. When it comes to business data handling there is a common fear that the companies have access to information that could be used in a negative way against you, however thanks to our current legal system many businesses are monitored and they have to be very careful with what they do with your private data.

On many websites, it is now an option that when you input any information about yourself that the company can send you promotional content, you should watch out for an extra box that talks about sending your contact information to third-party businesses. The law now states that you must be notified if a company is going to do this as it is your personal information that is going to be given out.

Businesses must be very careful when it comes to requesting personal information about their clients, it should be your responsibility to look after your private data so putting your trust in a  company can be very hard. With the current laws in place, it feels like there is a significant protection for those who are potential victims of identity theft so it seems strange that these laws could be subject to change in the future which creates a lot of uncertainty amongst the public.


What Changes Are Going to be Made?

At the moment there has been little information revealed as to what is going to change when it comes to data handling laws, it is unclear as to whether no news is good news in this situation but you should rest easy that our leaders will be acting in our best interest and ensuring that our data is protected and monitored against the potential crimes that could occur if our data is accessed without our persimmon.

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