Presentation. It’s the first thing anyone sees, and it can make or break your chances if you’re not careful. In this modern tech-based world there is constantly information being thrown around that could distract even the most professional and focused people. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re standing out from the rest of the pack. You’re not like the others, you’re hardworking, determined and you know what you’re doing, you just have to show that. Texas may be a big state but it’s a small world. Everyone who is anyone knows each other so you have to get into the good books as fast as possible. So, let’s figure out the best way to do so. 

First Impressions

First things first, you have to look at the part. This is going to be the first impression anyone is going to make about you. If you show up to a business meeting or an interview in cargo shorts and a dirty tee, you’re not going to be making a great first impression. Make sure you put the effort in beforehand. Pick out a nice clean suit. 

Make sure you are as well-groomed as consistently as possible. This means you have to consistently be showering, shaving, using the nice aftershave, and making sure your clothes are ironed and wrinkle-free. It’s also useful to keep gum on you, chewing a stick of gum before a big event is important you want to make sure your breath is kept fresh. You need to show people that you are ready to take on anything. If you’re going into an interview especially in Houston, business headshots houston is going to be the key to summarizing yourself in a quick and easy way, presenting you in your most professional.  



Now if you’re already in the workplace, keep an eye on your workspace. Keep it clean tidy and presentable just like yourself. It’s no use sitting at a desk covered in mess, stains, and mismanaged paperwork. That desk in the business world is an extension of you so you have to treat it as importantly as you treat your own personal hygiene.  

Now that you’re looking good you need to think about your physical actions. It’s all well and good having a nice suit on but if you stumble into a room and slouch down in the chair, you’re not going to look super professional. Make sure that you keep your posture as powerful and professional as possible. Back straight, chin up and strong strides that’s how you make an impression. Make sure when you’re meeting someone new to give a strong handshake and make respectable amounts of eye contact. No looking down at the floor and kicking your feet about.  

Active Listening

That last point is arguably the most important. And it’s mainly about being a good listener. As good as it is spouting all your brilliant ideas and stories people love to talk about themselves, so being able to be an engaging and attentive listener is going to play a big part in how you are perceived by others. This is all included in how you behave. Behavior has to be as professional as your physical representation. Make sure that you are consistently working to your deadlines, treating your coworkers with respect, and consistently keep up a polite and positive front no matter how you may feel towards who you’re talking to.  

Now that you look and behave more like the part let’s dive more into the importance of communication. When you’re introducing yourself make sure you don’t go on for too long. Keep it concise, keep it on topic and keep it impressive. It’s not very important to mention that one time you scored the winning touchdown back in college when introducing yourselves to the companies marketing rep. Break your introductions into three keep steps. Who you are, what you can do, and what you want. That last one is going to be important. Many people don’t want to seem too invasive by stating what they need, and it’s a massive mistake. Any good professional knows how important it is to state your goals and intentions from minute one. Make it completely clear why you are here and what you want to get out of the situation so there is no confusion going forward.  

Overall, professionalism is incredibly important but it’s just as important to be yourself. The best version of yourself that is. Don’t force yourself to be someone that you aren’t, people will notice over time if you are acting like someone you aren’t. Be professional but also be true to your own morals and philosophies. People really appreciate others with a strong sense of who they are. Your career is going to be long and prosperous so don’t lose who you are in the process.  

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